Tuesday, 15 March 2022

An Epic Moving Checklist-Solution Book Of Moving Weeks

Moving is inevitable but it's pain can be, a smart work and a right Plan can ace it all, from where and how to start till how to successfully settle down in a new home, Packers and Movers Jaipur will help you create a Checklist which comprise solution of all the Moving Hurdles. Without wasting much time let's get started with this 8 week printable checklist.

8 weeks before the big day:

You need to start early because to do list is long and we need to cover every aspect.

1. Create a digital moving folder.

Keep your moving related quotes, receipts and records at one place, take a picture and throw those documents in an online storage space like google drive or in Dropbox.

2. Schedule a in- house survey.

When you have enough time in your hand you can select best easily, make a list of movers by searching online or from your friends, colleague and relatives recommendation and sort out best and suitable in a reasonable time. Call Packers and Movers in Jaipur now for scheduling your pre move survey.

3. Set- up a moving budget.

You may be planning to buy a new fridge for your new home but wanna hire a professional's for work you know what your priorities is try to design a budget which meet your needs at it best.

4. Read and learn before you sign the document.

Read carefully and learn what's written in moving document before you sign it. You get enough time so why to rush in this vital job take your time and clearly understand each clause comfortably.

5. Try to go for Saturday or Friday.

If it's possible try to schedule a move for Friday or Saturday so you can have weekend off and relax from this tiring day.

6. Start with school process.

Start searching for good school near your new area and contact your kid's current school for transferring related documents so they don't get left behind.

7. Plan yard sale.

Sort out your possession and sale those which you don't wanna keep in new home.

8. Plan how you will tackle unusual items.

Items like antiques, fragile, fine art, pool table and pianos are more prone to damage during move so plan ahead on time so they can safely reach to new destination.

9. Check your #moving partner reliability:

Right now you get enough time to choose and think about the moving partner you are hiring check their reliability status by visiting their website, reading reviews, checking their GST no. And Address.

6 weeks before the big day:

10. Schedule a time for meeting your buddy.

A simple dinner party before you move to a new home is a great way of enjoying that old moment.

11. Gather free boxes.

You can get good quality and sturdy box for your possession from liquor, grocery and local bookstore. Also check if you have original packing of your laptop, PC, TV and other appliances so you can go near by electronic store and gather a rights box for them.

12. Read out packing hacks and how you will label your boxes for hassle free unboxing.

13. Create a list of your valuables.

Try to relocate your valuables with you make a list of items which are going with you and which are going in moving truck and in which box.

14. Mark accordingly.

Don't forget to put label on your fragile, if you don't want textbox box going up on grandma’s china ware. #Packers and #Movers #Jaipur are packed with required technology and equipment so to handle any type of move easily and error free.

15. Before you unplug or disable your electronics don't forget to take a note by clicking picture of them before the process.

16. Gather old t-shirt, socks, towels, blanket and linens for free packing supplies.

17. If you are moving into apartment don't forget to check their rules and regulation related to moving day.

18. Start packing everything little by little.

19. Measure doorways, staircase and elevators so you can assess will your furniture will #move out of them easily or not.

4 weeks before the big day:

  • Book your parking space in new and current apartment.
  • Use or donate canned food, frozen foods and things not permitted in moving items.
  • Collect and assemble medical, financial and legal documents at one place.
  • Notify your landlord and insurance company about the move.
  • Find name of service provider who serve in your new area.
  • Don't forget to pick up your things from dry cleaners.
  • If you are moving long distance books your hotel and plans your route.
  • Make sure your pet’s ID card is ready and you collected all the documents from vet. Now move your pet comfortably anywhere through Top Packers and Movers Jaipur pet moving services.

2 weeks before the big day:

  • Dispose of poisonous, flammable and corrosive items.
  • Keep track of your food items so you can consume everything just in 2 weeks.
  • Back up your computer data and return any borrowed item.
  • Remove light bulbs from lamp and put application for cancellation of current services.
  • Find baby sitter and pet sitter for the moving day.

On Moving day.

  • Make a plan in case your movers are running late.
  • Pack an essential box so you can comfortably live up the upcoming week in new home.
  • Check your shelves, corners and cupboards for a last time, do a final walk through with your landlord.
  • Clean your house for new homeowners and unplug your fridge 24hrs before your moving day, so you can easily clean it and pack for the move.
  • Protect your carpet and floors from the moving damage.
  • Take picture of current house so you can prove you have left the place in the said condition.

1 weeks after the big day:

  • Meet your new neighbours and leave a review of your moving experience.
  • Sweep your new home chimney before use, clean your carpets and install new locks and home security.
  • Explore your new neighbourhood and start unpacking day by day.

With a right planning and right team you can ace your move and to help you out #MoversandPackersJaipur got a team of experts who are not only qualified but have gone through with required training.

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